What’s Driving HPC Adoption in the Financial Sector

What's Driving HPC Adoption in the Financial Sector

Many challenges in the financial sector are leading to the adoption of HPC. Challenges like escalating risk, evolving security, instant execution and augmenting competition among financial firms. For any financial firms, activities such as high-frequency trading, complex simulations, and real-time analytics are important for the success so they heavily rely on high-performance computing systems to collect, analyze and act on heap amount of data. Let’s discuss these challenges further:

Evolving Security – As the financial sector is digitally transforming themselves, they are attracting a new breed of threat: cybercriminals. HPC combine with data analytics will let financial firms verify transactions in real-time, detect freakish patterns and enhance fraud detection.

Augmenting Competition – In this competitive era, the financial firms are in the constant race with each other. Its very important for them to identify new opportunities and grab them before other could. Data analytics and predictive modelling will help them identify the new opportunities before they are missed.

Escalating risk – 2008, the global financial crisis revealed many flaws and risks in the financial sector. Deploying HPC will allow them to identify, access and manange any risks or flaws beforehand.

Prompt Execution – Success and failure can be measured in milliseconds in financial firms. High-frequency, algorithmic trading relies on high-speed interconnections, ultra-low-latency switches, and powerful servers will let them take immediate actions.

These are the factors which are driving the adoption of HPC in the financial sector. According to IDC, total global revenue for the HPC market (including servers, storage, software and services) will increase from $21 billion in 2014 to $31.3 billion by 2019.

Owning to need of HPC in financial firms around the world, Tyrone offers following solutions:

GPU Optimised Supercomputer

Given that financial firms around the world are seeing the need for bigger, faster, and more powerful computing solutions, there is an unmet demand for supercomputers at affordable prices. Global Processing Unit (GPU) powered supercomputing clusters, also called GPGPU, provide access to massive computing capacity while reducing energy consumption. In the recent past, GPUs have evolved to enable several applications to perform at much higher speeds than is possible using multi-core systems. In partnership with several industry leaders, Tyrone offers a complete range of easy-to-deploy, pre-configured, GPU-optimized supercomputing solutions that combine Green features with unmatched performance. 

HPC Cluster

Clustering is one of the easiest means of obtaining high-performance computing capabilities. Tyrone offer a range of pre-configured HPC clusters that combine speed, reliability, and affordability.

Edra On Demand

The need for high performance compute re-sources especially in India is set to continue to grow. Companies / Organizations that rely on HPC technology continue to seek access to these resources to keep up with computational demands from the engineers and researchers. Meeting these demands and keeping pace with the latest technology allows organizations to grow and maintain a competitive advantage. Capital spending restrictions, lack of knowledge, resources & infrastructure in place at many organizations coupled with the growth for the need of these re-sources is creating a gap that needs to be filled. And a promising solution to fill this gap is strongly expected to be “HPC as a Service” i.e “Pay-as-you-use model”.

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