Is Artificial Intelligence making humans lazy?

My answer will depend upon the individual. It’s up to the individual how one is using it. Technology is a great invention, it makes human day today works easy but totally depending upon it and not using your brain can make human lazy.

Today AI can be seen in our everyday lives. We can compare Humans living standard got changed things got easy to work since the arrival of AI, its provide us the fast solution to every problem, we do not need to memorize things or solve anything with ourselves. AI making the human to use their brain less and which leads us to be too dependent on technology. We cannot deny that AI is a great tool; it is an ultimate form of automation.

AI expert Peer Mohaideen Sait, founder and CEO of Black Cube Solutions, believes AI can make us “lazy”, but its only depend upon each individual how they are using AI. “Data is Data. How you choose to see that data and how you are using it, it’s still a human choice. It is about how you innovate with it. Human interaction stills remain where AI is concerned. But what if it gives you alternate choice.” He said.

People become less physically active when the machine started doing manual work, and a sedentary lifestyle ends with gaining weight. Our brains were forced to work harder as our bodies rested. Modern jobs require higher qualification and are more complex. Today’s employees have to adapt and learn new information quickly and keep learning. Our brains work harder during leisure time due to the mushrooming of social media and the availability of the variety of books. We spend our free time checking news surfing books and so forth. We interact with people whom we don’t even meet through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.

AI gives Humans a chance to grow other parts of their brain, while AI solves problems which we don’t have to. At school, we need to memorize a lot of information’s, but now we have all the data in one pocket which leads to use of our brainless and which will not develop another part of our brain.

Machine intelligence is growing much faster than Human intelligence. And though machine makes our life easier and will get more time to do the thinking for ourselves our brains will develop their higher functions and humans will continue to progress and take on new challenges which can only be solved with the help of AI. Meanwhile, every Human is creative on their own who will invent thousands of new jobs so, and we won’t get a chance to get lazy.

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