What 5G Could Mean for Broadcast?

What 5G Could Mean for Broadcast?

The wireless 5G technology is expected to impact the telecommunications industry in more than one ways from how we produce to distribute television. Read on how our 5G could be impacting the broadcast industry in near future to come.

Faster Mobile FTP – The File Transfer Protocol or FTP via mobile phones will become a cake walk with 5G being in action. No delays, no halts, no disruptions. It will be a speedy experience as never experienced before.

Unbonded Cellular – 5G will allow a single modem to get the required bandwidth to deliver high quality by reducing the size of the devices as well as minimizing the encoding downtime. Gone will be the days of bonding three or more 4G LTE modems together to get the required bandwidth to get high quality.

Facetiming like a Pro – These days smartphones have very high-resolution cameras and superfast processors. However, with 5G in use, the quality of our Skype calls will be better than today’s professional cameras and transmission systems.

Cable Overlay – Once installed in an area, 5G will provide a potential nationwide cable network without having to bring cables into the home.

REMI2 via Internet – REMI or REMote Integration will be the new trend as soon as 5G will enter the market. This can cover a concert or sporting event with five fixed position smartphones all live into a home-based control room.

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