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How to Prepare Your Enterprise Storage Solution for Big Data

If it comes to preparing for the storage solution for big data, the most important thing is to store data as close as possible to the applications that use it. Moving data around may take some time. And when the analytics process happens on entire datasets, there can be a delay as the amount of data sent will be huge to the compute engines. Hence, the best way is to keep data and the applications which is used as close to each other as possible.

Another very important trend in enterprise storage solutions is the usage of flash storage. Flash storage helps in improving the performance, optimize data management and expand storage utilization. Few organizations are even experimenting with all flash. So, it is really important. Also, need to make sure that you have a solid tiered data strategy.

All the data is not equal or even needed at all times, so your data center storage solution should not provide all access and anytime access to everyone. Tier your data based on how important it is and assign the best storage solution possible to handle.
It may cost knowing your cloud storage. Again, you need to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the cost to scale your cloud storage when the demand is high, so that you can manage costs at any point in time.
Using the point-to-point serial protocol, Serial Attached SCCI (SAS) has been also accepted by the industry as the logical successor of the SCSI bus technology. SAS addresses the limitations of the interface by combining the elements of SCSI with the serialized transmission of data. Apart from backward compatibility with parallel SCSI and SATA drives, SAS can also take advantage of a wide variety of RAID implementations.

Tyrone offers flexible SAS solutions that provide improved performance, high availability, and effective storage consolidation at lower costs. (Details of D1-Q36 series). IT leaders are looking for enterprise data storage solutions that are more nimble and flexible to handle, process and ultimately use data from new and varying sources.
A quote I remember and which also explains storage system I should let you know.

“Storage systems are designed to provide optimized solutions for specific application workloads and use
cases,” – Paul Speciale (Vice President of product management at Scality)

Managing storage assets in a good way is very important. Inventory all of your storage assets. Chances are you will find not just underutilized storage, but storage that is not even being used. To stay proactive an IT asset management system can be the best way.

Review your data retention policies. Once you begin using big data it can grow fast and having a strong strategy in place for what needs to be kept and for how long will help you manage the volume better. Preparing Your Enterprise Storage Solution for Big Data is the really important topic and one should always be ready for it. These were a few ways to prepare your enterprise, hope it helps.

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