What are the Key Factors Driving VDI Adoption Trends?

Flexibility at the workplace is the demand in current organizations. Organizations are constantly evolving to meet the demand of flexibility and work on-the-go for their employees. This has led organizations to make their IT infrastructure more flexible and hence move towards Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). However in the coming year advancement in the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) space will affect the way enterprises are looking towards mobility, security, and workplace flexibility.

Here are some of the key trends we will observe in the virtual desktop infrastructure space:

Rise in HCI

A Hyperconverged infrastructure integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources in a single hardware appliance. This technology has moved beyond the hype and because of increased commoditization and lower prices we will see companies will start adopting it very soon. It will easily sell to VDI users, because it has the potential to simplify deployments and make it easier to allocate resources.

Flexible and Security at Workplace

Employees nowadays are looking for flexibility and security at the workplace. According to a study, more than 25% of US employees work remote at least part of the time, and this number is only expected to grow. The rise of remote and flexible work environmernts means IT must secure, deploy, and manage infrastructure accessible from different devices in different locations, a task simplified by VDI.With the VDI organization could facilitate the security because the data will never leave the organization servers.

Advancement in Cloud Technology

The rise of cloud computing is also correlated with market growth around VDI. Gartner writes, “Through 2020, an increasing percentage of annual IT spending will be directly or indirectly impacted by a cloud shift.” VDI is a natural extension of a cloud migration, and now the desktop can be virtualized along with an organization’s data and its applications.

Enhance VDI Solutions

With continuous improvement in VDI technology, it has got better at handling graphics-heavy, data-rich applications. This has enabled organizations to expand their use of VDI technology and move mission-critical applications from desktops to data centers. Now, employees can use sophisticated, graphics-rich applications from ordinary PCs.

Tyrone’s virtualization solutions are used extensively in data centers to reduce the cost of purchasing hardware and software by replicating servers/workstations and also running multiple operating systems and versions on the same machine.

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