Why High Frequency Trading Needs Low Latency Servers?

Why High Frequency Trading Needs Low Latency Servers?

Speed and the world of finance go hand in hand. For commercial banking, investment, or electronic trading, the main enemy is the turnaround time of transactions. To remain among the most competitive, financial services companies must be able to rely on a high-performance computing infrastructure including low-latency overclocked servers to stay in the game. Products and solutions for high-frequency transactions

While low latency is of particular importance in the financial sector in general, it is absolutely essential to the performance of stock markets. Mainly in relation to high-frequency transactions (HFT), where everything is a matter of nanoseconds. HFT, a type of trading based on mathematical algorithms, runs at a speed that only a computer can perform. One thousand times faster than the traditional stock trading method, it requires computer systems with a higher power of analysis and computation.

High-frequency trading (HFT) has become an important function within global financial markets. Trading volumes are on the rise and it is critical to establish the lowest possible latency between processing environments.

Tyrone High-Frequency Trading Servers with up to 35% lower latency

High performance “Hyper-Speed” servers from Tyrone deliver unparalleled performance for HFT applications by maximizing processing power and precisely tuning hardware and firmware to attain up to 30% lower latency over competitive solutions while still maintaining high reliability as a primary design focus.

Hyper-Speed systems allow the highest performance Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors (up to 150W TDP) to be tuned for even higher performance and run at peak performance in a dense 2U form factor for colocation installations. Systems architecture is designed for maximum airflow and custom heat sinks provide optimal thermal distribution for mission-critical reliability. Additional performance tuning features include adjustable onboard frequencies, voltages, and memory latencies as well as firmware optimizations to further lower latency.

HFT-optimized Hyper-Speed platforms feature premium pre-installed CPUs and memory. Storage and I/O components are validated with a rigorous burn-in process to ensure maximum performance and reliability on deployment

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