Is India Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Is India Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

The linear timeline is not always followed by uprisings. They can also be unpredictable as well as irregular. The roadmap for the national Artificial Intelligence system by NITI Aayog is hoping to bring about these revolutions. 

  • It’s being assigned Rs 3,073 crore will be spearheading fifth-generation technology begin-ups such as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing as well as blockchains. 
  • The magnanimity of opportunity can be measured by the programme’s close duplication of the financing. Atal Innovation Task can give begin-ups in line with the requirements Rs 10 crore. In almost all, in 2017-18, Rs 200 crore was assigned. 
  • India is willing to take the AI-assisted leap into the unknown to premeditated results before, during the jump.   

How AI will solve India’s issues


Its oncoming revolution must go through documentation mountains, information silos labyrinth, as well as turbulent data can be sort through AI and can make sense for India’s haphazardness. When it comes to any of these futuristic innovations, let’s address some important issues.

  • Machine learning methodologies are becoming more up to the task than ever because voice, as well as face recognition, continue to develop. 
  • Deep neural networks today give AI its opportunity to learn –moving from functions to problem-solving, regardless of the instructions that follow. Globally, AI firms ‘ venture capital funding rose 72 percent last year, reaching a record $9.3 billion of 2018.
  • However as AI becomes more and more embedded in our culture, the way we work and reside will change. There is a comprehensible fear that AI will create chaos and take away jobs. In view of existing issues about increased unemployment, policymakers would need to resolve this. 
  • IDC predicts half of organized as well as repeatable functions in the workplace will also be automated through 2024, and 20 percent of workers will have AI-infused operating systems or digitally networked technology as coworkers. As per a McKinsey report, work profiles characterized by repetitive activity may experience the greatest decline as just a proportion of total jobs from 40% to about 30% through 2030.

Role of Policymakers


Policymakers will need to show bold governance, and businesses will need to address the gigantic task of skills and skills to work to AI. 

  • Individuals will have to adapt to a new world where job turnover can be more frequent when they move to new kinds of jobs and the likely have to continually update and upgrade their skills in order to match a user-definable job market.
  • India must prepare itself for AI attack as one of the largest growing major economies of the world. India is ranked third than US and China with the largest penetration for AI abilities between its workforce, as per a LinkedIn study. Around 2015 as well as 2017, the number for LinkedIn participants add AI abilities to the profiles doubled through 190%–by the far the fastest rising skill set.

Machine learning impacts:-


In addition to AI’s efficiency, its moral dimension in a machine is intelligent enough to make choices. Machine learning algorithms construction on any human being character profiles. 

  • At Facebook, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg needs to focus on AI but is also talking of an easy AI to operate his house and place of work such as the renowned Jarvis personality throughout the Hollywood movie “Captain America”.
  • As per Chris Bishop, executive director at Microsoft Study, 2016 is the year of AI. “We will see development of new silicon interfaces in 2016 which are tailored to extensive machine learning workloads, providing a significant performance increase over GPUs (Graphics Processing Vehicles),” he said.
  • During his first session “Ask Me Something” on a Reddit website this year, famous physicist Stephen Hawking said we developed to be wiser than an ostrich-like descendants, as well as scientist Albert Einstein, is wiser than his family members.

” When they become which clever, so we may head an ‘ intelligence detonation ‘ as machines gain the ability to architect themselves to be much smarter, “he said in response to a question on a forum, which may eventually lead to” devices whose intelligence surpasses ours by as much as ours surpasses those of snails, “Hawking addressed.


Thus it is very clear that AI is great for the economy. India will flourish in different sectors with the help of AI as it makes the work easier and more accurate.


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