4 Smart Video Surveillance Trends You Will See in 2020

Smart Video Surveillance Trends You Will See in 2020

Video surveillance has become the fastest growing industry in the market. It is used for a variety of purposes. It has become so attractive for the people that we can see its installation in many houses and offices. It is used for maintaining safety and security.

Considering its multiple benefits, it is now used in public places to keep track of immoral acts.

Slowly and steadily countries are installing video surveillance in public places looking for protective measures and solutions and appreciating the power of video surveillance.

Here are the top 4 video surveillance trends that will prove beneficial in the evolution of security.

Artificial Intelligence-based Video Surveillance Analytics

Artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative and fast-growing technology and its contribution to video surveillance is extremely superior.

We know a lot of data and records get gathered through video surveillance and therefore its maintenance becomes difficult at the same time which ultimately requires a lot of human effort. And humans find difficulty in keeping an eye on the record. Artificial Intelligence simplifies this problem and can work longer as compared to human beings without getting tired.

Benefits of AI in video surveillance:

1 helps in reducing the workload and give alerts regarding unusual incidents.

2 AI is capable of recognizing the face, event and helpful in intelligent image processing.

3 Motion can be detected through AI.

Video Monitoring Reaching Extremely Harsh Environments

Controlling extremely harsh Environments like oil rigs and coal mines is not an easy task. There can be chances of explosions and certain dangerous events which are riskier.

But video surveillance is possible in such locations but traditional one will not be proven to be a beneficial one.

With the advancement in technology like communications and computing, all these environments can be controlled and looked after.

An example of a device that can help with video surveillance in emergency response vehicles such as police, ambulance, or firefighters. The device can support rough roads, vibration, and constant movement, while still providing a reliable connection to the Internet.

All this technology can tolerate any type of environment whether it is hot or cold and give us immense results like clarity in images.

Flying IoT and Drones at the Edge

Drones are becoming famous nowadays and a lot of news we get to hear about their uses by various industries.

The use of Drones is a smart way of doing business.

And in video surveillance, it is proving to be a good technology. Their use will help determine unusual behavior among the crowds from the height and in detecting any dangerous events like fire explosion, Floods. Furthermore, it can also help track the criminal.

Drones fly at a high altitude and cover a wide area that’s why they will require a powerful wireless network like 5G.

Moreover in traffic management, it becomes difficult to analyze every road at the same time. Drones video surveillance will help in traffic management by detecting the problem which thereby results in saving cost.

Cybersecurity in Video Surveillance

Cybersecurity has become an important part of every industry and even the consumers are aware and concerned about it.

It has gained its importance in video surveillance too.

In video surveillance, a lot of data gathered and so the risk of theft of data increases. As the video surveillance cameras are usually built with low-security elements and hence, as a result, private data of people are usually at risk because the hackers can track the data easily.

That’s why video surveillance cameras built with cybersecurity elements are increasing in the market.

Final Words

All the above trends will mark a new direction in the video conferencing field in 2020 but AI is the most promising technology which will further enhance the video conferencing world.












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