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How SAN and VSAN Can Benefit Your Business Tremendously

How Storage Area Networks Can Improve Your Performance

Storage area networks can help your company in a number of ways, including:

Improved disk utilization. When your storage is centralized through a SAN, it makes for more effective and efficient use of resources.

Disaster recovery (DR). In case of catastrophe, a SAN lets you recover data from multiple applications.

Application availability. SAN storage arrays use data protection algorithms to keep data consistent and accessible.

Increased backup speed. SAN storage devices create exact, hardware-based copies of data almost instantaneously. This makes them an easy way to back up large amounts of data in less time.

Although setting up a SAN can require a significant upfront investment, the payoff is a more secure, organized, and accessible network.

How Virtual Storage Area Networks Can Be Useful For Your Business


One of the most common Virtual SAN benefits  is how simple it is to provision and to manage. Because Virtual SAN (VSAN) is seamlessly embedded in the hypervisor, installation and configuration are done with a few mouse clicks.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ storage solution to meet the needs of customers: a storage solution must have the flexibility and agility to meet changes in demand and customer needs at the drop of a hat.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The beauty of Virtual SAN hyper-converged storage product is that you can deploy it on inexpensive industry standard x86 servers which, for customers, eliminates large up-front investments and allows them to grow at their own pace. Over time, this drastically lowers TCO while providing a high performance and scalable storage solution.


The hyper-converged storage solution Virtual SAN offers is not only easy to set up, but also easy to manage and provision. From key business applications to virtual desktops, customers trust Virtual SAN to keep their businesses running.

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