How Exascale Computing will Change the World – HPC and Al Segments to Meet the Needs of any Business

Exascale computing refers to computing systems capable of calculating at least 1018 floating-point operations per second (1 exaFLOPS). Exascale computing would be a major achievement in computer engineering. Primarily it will allow enhanced scientific applications and better prediction such as in weather forecasting, climate modeling, and personalized medicine.

Exascale also reaches the estimated processing power of the human brain at the neural level, a target of the Human Brain Project. Exascale computing seeks to accelerate innovation, hasten scientific discovery all the way from [harmaceutical research, to extreme weather prediction, to space exploration, high-performance computing systems speed discovery, increase accuracy, and stretch the limits of human imagination as we explore new frontiers. Here is how exascale computing will change the world – hpc and al segments to meet the needs of any business:


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