How are Enterprises Transforming and Discovering new Possibilities with the help of Cloud?

The COVID-19 pandemic was an eye opener for a lot of businesses across the world, it reinforced the need for digital transformation and the requirement for updating infrastructures and systems to catch up to the times. In the present times enterprises across all industries are driven by the success of digital tools that help in boosting their sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, and customer service functions. However, many companies are hindered by legacy systems and physical data centers that restrict their ability to compete with competition equipped by state-of-the-art cloud technologies. To remain relevant, a total or a significant migration of applications to the cloud is necessary and inevitable.

The overwhelming task of cloud migration can be made easier by following a few standard practices that can transform the future of these enterprises. First is strategic planning, it is crucial to prevent any major hindrances to the functioning of businesses. Planning streamlines the process by avoiding redundancies and providing all teams with a guideline for progress. Also, using something like a systematic transition strategy can accelerate the migration process while avoiding disruption. Utilizing a specialized managed service provider can also help turning app migration over to trusted experts and enabling the enterprise’s employees to focus on their own strategic goals. Ultimately, cloud platforms can provide many facilities to initiate migration to the cloud, keeping enterprises goal in mind.

Below are the few ways in which cloud is transforming the business world:

  1. Enhanced Operations: Among the various benefits that cloud provides to an enterprise is that, it grows alongside the business. Cloud services provides opportunities to enterprises of different scale and size to transfer its services from its local server, either partly or fully to cloud platforms basis their business model. Cloud platforms provides one stop solutions to all its needs. They can avail services like storage, processing, data buckets and many more. All of this is provided by the service providers as they possess customer support team which gives the enterprises real time communication.

  2. Cost Management: Deploying cloud services is very cost effective. Often businesses using third party cloud services do not have to bear extra expenses in setting up the core infrastructure or higher additional manpower to install, manage or upgrade the platforms that are taken care by them. Similarly, small companies can also avail services customized to their needs just like large companies, without any additional IT overhead. This means cloud computing services can reduce IT costs and increase the overall revenues which can be channeled towards improving other core areas of the business.

  3. Storage and Security: Earlier in the security aspects cloud platforms were weak and were evolving. Now these service providers are most steadfast when it comes to making the platform more secure. User’s sensitive data, files, and other vital documents are stored across a well laid out network. Since the data is never stored in one single physical device and there is a strict enforcement of encrypted passwords and restricted user access, the safety and security of the user data are enhanced. Multiple steps are taken to further protect the data by incorporating firewall and anti-malware software within the cloud infrastructure.

  4. Accessibility: By enabling the cloud services, employees can get access to these services from anywhere, especially while working from home that too seamlessly. Devices such as laptops and cellphones make it convenient for employees to work from anywhere, at their own pace by enabling real time communication among them. Cloud companies are investing in such groups of remote employees instead of on ground and full-fledged workforce so that this workforce can give quality solutions to their clients.

  5. Improve customer service: Nowadays cloud service providers are providing various customer support options to their clients. Apart from providing a tele caller service they are also providing AI enabled chatbots to solve customer queries. As most cloud computing providers offer impressive bandwidth, it facilitates enhanced communications which allow a firm’s customer support team to handle customers’ requests promptly. The speedy and prompt delivery of support services will ensure that the customers don’t have to wait for hours for their queries/requests to be addressed. All this together directs to an efficient customer support experience.

Cloud computing is a useful platform that offers a variety of solutions, so as to elevate common challenges and hurdles that businesses face in their day-to-day functioning. And that is the reason, cloud computing solutions and services are increasingly changing and transforming the business world constantly and making it for the better.

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