How can organizations enable and scale their cloud-based remote working?

Key points

  • Due to the current pandemic, Business supports the remote work and the latest technologies make it possible for a long duration in several organisation
  • With the requirement of the remote work emerging in 2020, the cloud services are already implemented in the various organization
  • The IT teams are really got benefitted using the cloud management platforms and they can control their cloud resources to assure about higher security, flexibility, scalability and performance


The advantages of cloud-based services seen in work from home which can rapidly scale the defences around the decentralized employees.  Especially for the remote workers, the cloud technology is vital for all sorts of businesses and the reasons behind are,

Unified accessibility

Cloud services can offer their employees can access their information at any time when they need to do their work. The cloud can also make it easier to control access to particular cloud resources also to enhance security. Hence the administrators are set the secure access identity for the employees for the authentication to access the secure data. These kinds of settings are configured remotely and also permits to current or new workers to access it even when they are away from the office.


Vertical and horizontal scaling is referred to as scalability in cloud services. The vertical scaling is including more CPU, I/O resources to server, memory and replace the existing server with strong one or modifying the instance sizes. The horizontal scaling is including more number of servers which frequently split the workload to restrict the requests received by the individual server. The cloud servers’ elasticity can help the companies to measure their computing power at any time and it’s an affordable solution for an emerging business.


Organisations can follow multiple practices for optimizing cloud practices. In order to optimize, the unnecessary costs like idle, unattached/unused resources are cut off. Ability to scale up or down are ensured. Purchasing suitable instances in advance are helpful in growing the business rapidly and precisely measure the extra computing power when it required.

Security improvement

Various safety measures enable in the cloud to safeguard the employees account data. Specific security measures are seen in public cloud platforms in which users can set up the permissions, data encryption and also prevent security threats. 

Higher acquiescence

Organizations like telecommunications, healthcare, education, government and finance should assure about the suitable measures to secure their data. Cloud services ensure the configurations for compliance and make the companies manage the sensitive data easier at any location.  

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