Artificial Intelligence is Vital in Improving the Efficiency of Data Centers

Artificial Intelligence Vital in Improving the Efficiency of Data Centers

Artificial Intelligence in the past which was acknowledged as fantasy, has now become a reality for businesses. Data centers in the future will become an integral part of businesses as many businesses will be storing customer data/information in the cloud. Application of artificial intelligence in enhancing the efficiency of data centers will be vital for every business.
With evergrowing data, business will look to increase the efficiency of data while trying to reduce subsequent energy consumption. This is where AI will play a crucial role, by mitigating data centers’ energy consumption, while improving uptime and reducing costs without compromising performance. Apart from increasing the efficiency of data centers, business will also look to use artificial intelligence to drive innovation.

As per IDC, cognitive and AI spending will grow to $52.2 billion in 2021 and achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46.2% over the 2016-2021 forecast period.

Here are some ways in which AI will improve data center infrastructure:

Saving Energy Consumption
AI will help in analyzing power usage by discovering and reporting inefficiencies across data centers variables – fans, cooling systems, windows, etc.
For example, in 2014, Google’s DeepMind was used to analyze and report inefficient variables across 120 data centers. The positive result lead Google to reduce total power consumption by data centers by 15% and saving millions over the next several years. So AI can help to analyze power usage, cooling and overall health status of critical backend systems to improve the efficiency of data centers while reducing power consumptions.

Predicting Failures, troubleshooting, and automated fixing
AI-based deep learning will help businesses in predicting failures beforehand. Predicting failure will be based on the sequence of observed events, and performance problems using infrastructure telemetry data through deep learning. Using machine learning technique based on recommendation systems, AI will help in taking corrective measures and fixing the failure.

Intelligent storage solution
AI will transform the storage management by learning Input-Output patterns and data lifecycles and helping storage solutions to make intelligent decisions on storage optimization or tiering. AI would predict any future storage failure and help in recommending preventive measures to IT staffs, in a way helping them to step in and fix the problem before disaster strikes. Counting on some expert IT staffs experience, in future AI-defined infrastructure would actively manage and maintain systems with marginal human intervention.

In upcoming time data centers will be an integral part of any business and with evergrowing data, it will be an area of concern for businesses to maintain the health of data centers. With AI, business would easily be able to maintain and enhance their data centers while saving millions by avoiding miscellaneous costs. Machines are here in this digital age and businesses need to take advantage of these machines in this digital era to be successful or risk by neglecting them.

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