Your Connected Hospital Is At Risk!

As the healthcare industry, especially the hospitals become more connected, their security headache is also intensifying.  Not only are the connected deceives at the peril of being hacked into, or being leveraged for deeper passage into other connected infrastructures and most importantly for data hacking.  Medical records and history along with personal details and Insurance information, Bank information etc. are at risk of being misused.

In fact medical IoT is potentially a target for cyber terrorists as well: In his article on the same subject, Shashank Pandey, a London based IoT and security professional has elaborated on a few published examples where security researchers have discovered vulnerabilities and simulated attacks on IOTs, which if it were to be exploited by cyber criminals, could potentially have a serious impact on the safety of individuals and society at large. You can read the entire article here:

Another challenge for the hospitals would be custom built IoT boxes, which may not have regular patches or updates to keep them up to date and secured. For e.g. many of the cardiology or radiology equipments work in silos but are eventually connected with other devices and that’s where they pose threat to the entire system.

Shashank, further states that IoT security can be managed well and enterprises, especially hospitals need to invest in infrastructure and resources from the beginning because while it may sound like creating a “hype” but is not far-fetched.

This is for three reasons – viability of attacks, lower risk of getting caught and a high degree of motivation/intent (which criminals, especially terrorists don’t seem to lack).

Therefore, there is a serious need to ensure that the risks associated with cyber-physical systems are appropriately managed. You can talk to experts at Tyrone Systems for a comprehensive, connected and secure solution for your Hospitals here:

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