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Future of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Loyalty

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Loyalty

The biggest evolution in the human universe could undergo in the extension of the present moment is if the universe itself is composed of physical information and behind this revolution, the main part is played by data.

Chatbots are the best examples of using AI to improve customer service. They are computer programs that simulate human conversation through voice commands or text chats or both. AI in the form of voice assistants and applications such as Google Home and Alexa is making its way into the homes of consumers, where it can monitor and profile energy use – for example when a light is switched on, or a kettle boiled – and link to smart meters.AI needs only one-time training. AI provides the similar level of performance no matter what time it is or how long it has been running. Upcoming technology hastily developing with AI.

Even small but economically and technologically advanced states are articulating national strategies to develop AI. A third of businesses believe that artificial intelligence will be widespread in the enterprise by 2028, while a fifth expect that the same will apply to virtual reality and in-vehicle working.

AI becomes increasingly embedded in the society, it will not only change the way businesses work but will also have some significant economic, social and civic effects on citizens and consumers. But such transformations will also introduce new challenges such as ethical or security concerns as well as cost and execution risk.

The main motto of any business is to increase user/ customer behaviors that are beneficial to the organization. These types of behaviors referred to as Customer Loyalty Behaviors.

It’s clear that the goal of predictive analytics needs to focus on identifying ways to optimize these different types of loyalty behaviors because each type of loyalty is impacted by different types of factors that will be needed to build different algorithms for each type of customers loyalty.

Loyalty towards companies emerges from similar mechanisms that work in personal relations. Trust, consistent positive experiences, and the same values are the foundation of a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration. AI can play multiple roles, including a personal advisor, brand ambassador, dedicated marketer and data protector, all based on the same set of information.

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