Will Edge Computing IoT Solutions be a Real Trend in 2019?

Will Edge Computing IoT Solutions be a Real Trend in 2019?

Edge computing is a method of optimizing Internet of Things applications by performing data processing at the edge of the network, near the source of the data. Edge computing IoT technology is attracting huge investments, to ensure security, ruggedness and establish ROI driven use cases.
The edge is no longer in the proof-of-concept phase; it has entered into mainstream adoption and is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 41%. Businesses are adopting edge strategies to continue to advance their operations and bring real-time performance to their networks, according to Forbes.
Let’s understand the progress in context to obstacles and opportunities in the real-world situation:

The Need of the Machine Data Availability

There are many ways through which data can be extracted from Programmable Logics Controls (PLCs) of a manufacturer. However, this is something which most manufacturers don’t allow. This brings in the question of data availability and vendor lock-ins. If that does not happen, the efficacy of edge computing will be limited. Hence, at this point customers and manufacturers must be ready for transparency and avoid lock-in if they wish for major innovations to take place within their industries.

Skillset in IT and OT

Experts are unanimously optimistic about the convergence of Information Technology and Operations Technology, however they are also aware about the need for skillset availability for both IT and Operations technology in order to make edge computing efficient as skills and knowledge in both these areas are lacking, hence, companies need to setup IoT roles of authority who can actively take steps to improve the convergence strategy.

The Connection is the Way for New Business Models

The biggest challenge for the adoption of IoT in various industries is the whole issue around security. Companies are reluctant to open their facilities to the internet because of the threat of cyber-attacks. However, greater innovations are taking place and it requires an economy of services and platforms which require machines and products to be connected. This means that edge computing should be built with the ability to share data easily through secure standards and protocols. An example of this could be OPC-UA and MTConnect. This example clearly shows that connection can make smarter and better flourishing business models.
These are all the points which can determine whether computing IoT solutions will be a real trend in 2019 or not.

The Conclusion:

So, let’s evaluate now. It can be said without a doubt that edge computing offers various attractive benefits. However, if businesses wish to enjoy those benefits then a significant change needs to happen and the outdated attitudes need to go right out the window. Once, those changes are made then businesses can start their IoT journey by aiming to make their overall business value more innovative and tangible.

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