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What Is The Future Of Cloud Computing In India?

India is impacted by the trend of Cloud Computing in the most progressive way, with cloud rapidly altering the IT landscape and companies allocating huge shares of their revenues for upcoming cloud innovations.

In India, Cloud Computing will sky rocket and stay for long. Here are few numbers to prove this right:

  1. A report by Gartner said that Cloud Computing will take the major share of investments in 2017, and it is being proved to be true.
  2. A survey by Veritas states that over 70 percent of enterprises has the opinion that cloud is no more ‘optional’ for companies to remain competitive.
  3. Gartner’s report said that India’s IT spent has increased to a whopping $71 Billion in 2016, that is 6% increase from 2015.

Apart from the numbers, here are some of the factors which are proving Cloud’s worth to the IT industry:

  • Rise of Cloud Applications:

Companies, small, medium, and large have already invested a great deal of their IT spend on cloud applications and these numbers are expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. IT developers in most organizations are streamlined to focus on cloud based services.

  • Increasing demand for Hybrid Cloud:

Hybrid cloud is a Cloud Computing environment that uses a mix of private cloud and third party, public cloud services with the right composition between the two platforms. By allowing data to travel between the private and public clouds, hybrid cloud offers great flexibility and better data deployment options. The hybrid strategy also proves of help when it comes to demanding projects and brining in solutions to various requirements of every functional application.

  • Transitions with Containers:

Containers are specially designed tools that help developers manage software code, specifically for the code deployed on cloud. Linux containers are being utilized by developers for creating new stacks to help with micro-services development. Companies need to weigh their odds with private and public cloud based on their utilization, as containers could be a challenge in terms of security, monitoring, storage and network. IT strategists recommend all organizations to adopt to a hybrid-IT approach, and invest in private and public cloud to comfortably adapt with change.

Unquestionably, the future of Cloud Computing seems bright in India with great career opportunities.

Source: Cloud Computing in India – Present and Future Trends

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