How To Become Relevant When A Robot Takes Your Job | Pablos Holman

The Future Doesn’t Need You – How to Become Relevant when a Robot Takes Your Job In this talk, Pablos dares you to imagine the possibilities in what once seemed impossible: a harmonious co-existence of humans and robots: Robots taking over your jobs and why they should; how this can trigger fear in humans and why it shouldn’t; redefining happiness; solving world problems like eliminating disease; a personal narrative of parenting that will bring you to your knees; and the responsibility of humans in all of this.

Pablos Holman is one of the rare futurists actually implementing science fiction. His team at the Intellectual Ventures Lab is working with Nathan Myhrvold and Bill Gates to invent solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

For the first time ever, at TEDxLA, he shares his thoughts on the limits of what problems technology can help with, and what problems we still need humans to solve.

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