Save Money and Simplify Storage Management with VMware Virtual SAN

Traditional storage systems are gradually becoming unsustainable. For most customers storage is getting costly and too complex as their storage requirements continue to rapidly grow. Not only are the volumes and types of data are increasing, applications have become more data intensive than ever. A new approach to data is imperative. One that approaches the challenges of traditional storage at a software layer and not dependent on the underlying hardware. Virtual San is a radically simple storage, and promises to bring a much simpler operation model to the data center.


Customer who deploy virtual SAN are able to:

  • Streamline their operations
  • Dramatically reduce their total cost
  • And free up resources for other requirements.


Virtual SAN is often referred to as a disruptive new technology, while being a non-disruptive technology. It is disruptive in terms of the benefits it can deliver that are very non-disruptive to adopt. You can begin with something as little as two x86 servers, with a few terabytes of storage to run a simple operation. It could be a management cluster or a remote office somewhere.


Virtual SAN has been designed on 3 fundamentals

  • Simplicity by automating all the processes
  • Serverize your storage by taking the server based simplicity and extending that to your storage. So, storage is just a built-in feature to your hypervisor and not a separate silo to maintain
  • Control over your operations. You chose any underlying x6 hardware platform, supports any server type and run it anywhere in any location.


When you add up all of the above, VSAN can provide enormous reduction to your TCO and provide great value for money. VSAN addresses a gap in the market in a significant way. Although traditional storage is proven but is complex, while VSAN running on traditional x86 servers reduces your on-premise footprint dramatically, brings operational simplicity, saves up to 50%-70% cost and gives you high performance and reliability.


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