Artificial Intelligence: 4 Important Roles in Education

Artificial Intelligence: 4 Important Roles in Education

Artificial Intelligence which has been part of popular science fictional films, has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Artificial Intelligence is vastly being applied in manufacturing industries, e-commerce industries, hospitals and now in classrooms. The education sector is rapidly implementing artificial intelligence to help students and teachers get more out of the educational experience.

As we use tools like Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, we are just beginning to see the possibilities of AI in education. And, we should expect to see more. With the rapid adoption of AI in education, here are some of the important roles it will play in the classroom.

Upgrading the role of teachers to motivators

Apart from teaching, teachers also play important role in mundane administrative responsibilities. For example, student’s attendance management, copy checking, etc. Hence reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching. With AI in action, these mundane tasks will be automated and teacher will play their real role – motivator and guiding force for learners. This upgradation in their role will lead to a significant rise in the quality of education and reshape the future.

Digital textbooks for learning

With rising mobile uses and internet, most students consume education content on the web on for getting a better understanding of the subject or lessons. It is possible for teachers to go without textbooks and rely solely on digital content. This means that the content needs to be created, customize, and updated in real time. Keeping in mind the variety of subjects and learning streams, this will be a herculean task for any person. Artificial intelligence will be a great help for the education sector, owing to their advanced and intelligent capabilities we could digitize textbooks or create learning digital interfaces that are relevant to students of all age and grades.

Provide Personalized Help

AI will act as personalized help for students in the absence of teachers. AI can fill the gaps in subject areas in which a teacher doesn’t have a particular expertise. When students need to reinforce skills or master ideas before an assessment, AI will be able to provide students with the additional tools they need for success. AI will also provide personalized tutoring for students outside of the classroom.

Identify Weaknesses in the Classroom

Identifying any weaknesses in the classroom can be a difficult task for any teacher. AI will help in identifying classroom weaknesses. It will identify when groups of students miss certain questions and letting the teacher know when material needs to be retaught. In this way, AI will also hold teachers accountable and strengthen best teaching practices.

AI has a bright future in the education sector, but if we talk about teachers, some of them still that AI will replace them. The answer is not yet disclosed but it is clear that will reshape the way teachers teach and students learn.

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