The next big innovation in health care: cloud computing

derbebefSomeone said: If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.

The healthcare industry faces mammoth pressure to do more with less whether it’s with patients, providers or regulators. Other industries facing similar pressures are increasingly running their business on the “cloud,” giving them on-demand access to a shared computing resource. Cloud computing is changing the way healthcare practitioners review medical records and share medical information by providing real-time access.

For Example, Frimley Park Hospital is an NHS Foundation Trust serving more than 400,000 people across its region. With budgets cuts beginning to haunt, the hospital looked to innovate its IT systems in order to save cash without impacting frontline services. Thanks to the cloud computing, Frimley Park staff are now able to access all clinical records from tablets, meaning patients experience an increased level of one-to-one care

What are the Benefits?

1 Greater compass, especially during times of disasters –  When disaster strikes, getting the necessary professionals to the places they need to be or giving the present doctors the information they need is a difficult task. Being able to consult with one another, send requests for additional resources or manpower, or simply keeping each other updated on the status of a disaster victim’s condition can be the difference between a life lost or saved.

2 Better use of Big data to treat Patients –  Cloud computing helps store information relating to a specific patient or a segment of the population is recorded and stored. The solution is designed to capture and provide a patient’s data at any time of the patient’s monitoring cycle, including the complete medical records and history. Cloud-based platforms allow collaboration in real-time from any device with an Internet connection
3 Better storage-Low cost  – The cloud computing makes it possible to not only hold more information but to do it at a rather lower cost, much like when working with software-defined storage. This allows even the smaller hospitals access to the kind of information they need to offer the best care, without the price tag that could either put them under or force them to make cuts where cuts shouldn’t be made.

As with everything, you have to be aware of a few shortcomings, the most a significant challenge is cloud computing is security and breach of confidentiality. But the advantage of cloud computing in Health Care industry still weighs down the shortcoming. We reckon this shortcoming would perish with the advancement of cloud computing and as the research progress

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