Security Trends in Enterprise Cloud Computing

Security Trends in Enterprise Cloud Computing

With all the recent well-publicised hacking and malware attacks, not to mention numerous meteorological events that have affected companies around the globe over the last year, IT leaders are very aware of the need for robust cloud security and compliance.
That said, it is in fact now easier for companies to engage in poor security practices because users do not have the same control over their cloud infrastructure that they have over their own on-premise infrastructure.
Often, organisations using public cloud assume that their cloud provider is taking care of security and they may even have assurances of that from the provider. Yet usually, the customer has no visibility of the public cloud infrastructure they are using and little transparency with regard to security settings. For that reason, they are placing a lot of trust in the promise that the public cloud provider is addressing security when that may not actually be the case.
Ultimately, companies are becoming more complacent towards risk, simply because they don’t have visibility into the security of the cloud infrastructure they are using and don’t have a way to monitor that security. But as is often the case, ignorance is not bliss. The reality is that managing and monitoring cloud security is an ongoing task and customers need to work with a provider that is able and willing to proactively provide them with security information, alerts and notifications.
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