Latest AI Trends You Should Watch Out for This 2020

Artificial Intelligence -The most demanding and trending word in the modern world. It has contributed and continues to contribute to a large area especially in the IT industry.
Furthermore, it is still a developing technology, it is going to modernize further in the future. Whether it is in the business field or the government field, everyone is looking to adopt and implement AI technologies for delivering better results and to achieve heights.

It has been further estimated that with the growth of AI in the future, there will be more generations of jobs for the people. As a result, experts are striving hard to achieve outstanding results.

Video Analytics, Chatbots, AI-driven personal assistants are only the beginning of AI technology, there are more to come.

Here are some Latest AI Trends You Should Watch Out for This 2020:

AI in Media

In the media and entertainment field, AI has started contributing to an extreme level.
A lot of money is required to make a movie or a series and for this everyone wishes to reach as large people as possible. Considering this factor many media experts are giving priority to the AI to find out the preferences of the people.
For example – Netflix has already started using AI to find out the preference of the people. By using its existing data and AI algorithms, Netflix attracted many customers.

AI and Cybersecurity

With the advancement in technology, a more number of hackers are increasing at a fast rate. For solving cyberattacks problems, AI is playing a crucial role in detecting the risks and cyber threats. It can estimate even the minor variations among the software and thereby helpful in making accurate predictions.
In the future, AI will further expand in detecting the cyber threats which are ultimately beneficial for the people from every field.

AI and Chatbots

Real-time and personalized conversations will dominate the market in the coming future.
Let’s take an example of Alexa, how people are so much attracted because of its capability to deliver human-like responses instantly. The Banking sector too is looking forward to employing AI chatbots for human interface. This all will make things easier and smarter. Today chatbots are available in voice mode, text mode, or combination of both.

AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence Technology will play a major role in the healthcare sector by making things easier and in saving time and money.
AI will be required in utilizing the workflow completely and efficiently. Data related to employees, patients, can be stored electronically with the usage of AI. From the diagnostic perspective too, AI will help the doctors in better treatment and care.

AI and Manufacturing

AI is expected to be completely deployed in the manufacturing sectors in 2020.
Maintaining quality control in the given period or deadline is always a challenging situation. By using edge computing, AI specialists can tackle this challenge. By employing AI technology in the manufacturing sector will give workers more time to think about innovative ideas.

We all are excited to see how AI will be spread out in every sector and what shape it will have in our future.

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