How Tyrone OPSLAG FS2 is Ideal Solution for High-Performance Computing Operations

how Tyrone OPSLAG FS2 Is ideal SOLUTION for High-Performance computing operations

The era of having multiple units for different storage needs is passing as diverse storage products prevent optimum utilization and can be difficult to manage. Opslag FS2 series from Tyrone Systems, consolidates all your storage requirements in a single all-in-one storage solution which is the most flexible solution around. Apart from offering flexibility, it bundles enterprise class features such as extremely high scalability and redundancy along with a very high performance. It can serve the diverse requirements from high performance computing to post-production and broadcast industry
Flexible Scalability
Flexible data protection and redundancy Opslag FS2 is a highly scalable solution offering storage capacity starting from 8TB to well over 1 PetaByte. Storage capacity can be easily enhanced by adding JBOD units to primary storage. For customers requiring performance scaling along with capacity scaling, multiple FS2 units can be clustered together.
Flexible data protection and redundancy
All Opslag FS2 solutions offer high level of redundant and data protection. All the systems support various RAID levels (0, 1, 0+1, 5, 6, 50 & 60) for protection against disk failure and are bundled with redundant power supply as a default feature. Opslag FS2 also supports multiple snapshots with scheduling as a default feature and supports local and remote replication. For customers looking for a highly-available system, Opslag FS2 supports fail-over clustering.
Since Opslag FS2 has been designed to be a flexible solution to cater to various requirements, it supports SSD caching for customers looking for extremely high IOPS. Our SSD caching algorithm is integrated at the hardware level and not at the system level and therefore offers performance acceleration irrespective of whether you are using file or block access protocol.

With Tyrone Unified Storage Solutions manage all your requirements with one system. Explore the solution now:

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