IoT in Healthcare: Are We Witnessing a New Revolution

IoT in Healthcare: Are We Witnessing a New Revolution?

The one thing which we all think about in regards to the 21st century is that it’s challenging. Many industries, companies, organization, small business, and institutions have been set up to provide us with almost anything and everything we could ever be in need of. Some of these industries are more about the necessity than recreation. And one of those necessary industries for all mankind is healthcare. There are times when we all get sick and we need the expertise of our doctors to cure us. However, medical services can be rather expensive and with an aging population and a growth in the number of potential ways to get sick or hurt, it becomes quite necessary for the healthcare industry to go under major changes. This should be able to make this entire industry more efficient. One sure shot way to achieve that is with the help of IoT.
Whether you are a student or a business profession, there are extremely good chances that you would have heard of IoT. This technology has a wide range of applications and has been successful in changing the face of many industries. This is why it wasn’t long until the healthcare professionals started exploring all the ways possible through which IoT can be useful for them. Now, this technology is being used to improve the quality of services and functions in this industry. And many are claiming that all of this could be the start of a new revolution. In this article, we will explore the ways in which IoT is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

The Easy Health Monitoring

There are now smart health devices which can monitor the overall health of an individual around the clock. When in case of an emergency like heart failure, that information gets quickly transferred to the emergency station with the help of the IoT healthcare system. This particular benefit has been so effective that one hospital actually saw a 50% decrease in the number of patients who got readmitted after using a blood pressure monitor and activity tracker. This particular benefit was built by literally keeping the fact in mind that tragedy can strike anytime and anywhere.

Assistance Available Around the World

We all have to travel every once in a while whether you do it for work or for pleasure if dependent on your life choices. And when one is in an unfamiliar location then getting the right kind of medical help within a moment’s notice can be very difficult. This is why it is advised that one should definitely use smart medical devices. A smart medical device is simply an electronic device which collects and transfers all sorts of medical information of the wearer including heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, ECGs, oxygen levels, and many other important data. This data is then shared on a cloud which can then be accessed by the doctor. This can then allow the medical professional to provide consultation and help to the patient regardless of the locations of both the parties involved.

Reducing the Emergency Waiting Room Period

There are many deaths all across the globe which take place due to the fact that the individual was unable to receive the right medical attention within the proper time frame. According to reports, an individual could have to wait anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes while getting the right medical attention in the emergency waiting room. This is why many hospitals across the globe are using IoT to track bed occupancy. Healthcare professionals can quickly get insight from those numbers which would further enable them to learn how to place the patients more effectively. A great example of this could be the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York. This medical center has employed an AutoBed software which has enabled them to slash the waiting period up to a total of 50% for patients for are in dire need of emergency care.

Lower Costs

In the starting, we mentioned how expensive medical health services can be. And that is why the biggest benefit of IoT is that it allows patients to reduce the cost of hospital stays and readmission. This is done by providing healthcare solution which is connected to medical devices in real time.

The Best Patient Experience

IoT engages the patients more during their entire recovery and treatment period. This allows the patient to be aware of all the facts without the intervention of any other third party member. IoT also provides quick and accurate health information to the doctors which allow them to provide better diagnostics. All this sums up to be the best patient experience.

These are some of the ways in which IoT is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

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