How is the Oil and Gas Sector Leveraging HPC?

There are only a few industries as renowned for massive investments in the highest end of computing technology as the oil and gas sector. High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities, matched with sophisticated top-of-the-line modeling and simulation tools to manage and analyze unprecedented amounts of diverse data mean that infrastructure complexity mounts quickly. However, despite these bleeding edge technologies backing everyday HPC, big data, and cloud-based operations, there is still a great deal of outdated manual work required to orchestrate priority, access, and outcomes, especially at the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Within these organizations, productivity is hindered due to cluttered, hand-managed workflows, siloed clusters that go underutilized or oversubscribed, and the lack of resources due to budgetary constraints.

HPC is already used extensively to maximize efficiency of existing reservoir operations and to reduce risk in identifying new wells. More data will be collected, analyzed and simulated to maximize efficiency as different O&G organizations leverage their competitive advantages. Let’s see how they are proving to be an asset for the oil and gas industry:

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