How Cloud computing will accelerate 5G and lay foundation for innovation

Networks, be it neural or fiber has always benefitted the allied services namely the new emerging technologies. Telecom networks have complimented the growth of services such as IoT, Cloud Computing, AI, and ML for that matter. Fifth Generation technology – 5G is expected to revolutionize and change the communications industry. This technology shall provide transmission rates that are ultra fast and are expected to be several times faster than 4G technology.

According to grand view research, global 5 G services are expected to grow at the rate of USD 46.61 mn in 2021. The benefits that 5G will offer to industries are immense. Sectors such as Healthcare, Telecom, Finance, and many more are set to accelerate in terms of growth with this new technology coming in. It will revolutionize the average ordinary home into a place with higher quality and faster services. It will allow several applications that weren’t possible with 4G.

With 5G coming in, there is an increase in potential industries both tech and non-tech. This will also allow the growth of cloud-led services. For example, wearable devices such as watches, self-sensing eye gears with limited storage capacity can include higher storage capacity with cloud coming into the picture basis the 5G technology. 5G technology shall enable a lot of cloud-dependent industries to innovate and invest in creating more applications for promoting cloud growth.

The combination of 5G and cloud will foster in increasing capability, functioning, and growth of various industries. This combination of two will allow telecom operators to offer competitive services and applications that were limited due to 4G technology. Cloud businesses will get immense investment opportunities. Below are the ways that cloud computing and 5G combination shall foster innovation:

  1. Real-time Big Data Analytics streaming- Currently the Big Data technology is heavily dependent upon cloud-based storage infrastructure to store information. However, carrying out analytics on these cloud services still faces major hurdles of latency with the current wireless systems in place. With the advent of 5G networks, it will be faster and real-time data analytics will be smoother by reducing the hurdles.
  2. Enabling Industry Internet of things- Heavy data-related computation is required, in industrial setups such as manufacturing, processing, and analyzing. These industries require a high amount of real-time data to attain vital insights to manage the cost and efficiency. With the advent of 5G, the cost of managing such huge data can be reduced to a greater extent. 5G will make it more effective given the vast, remote, and ever-changing nature of workloads.
  3. New emerging computing- 5G will hugely impact the performance of mobile and remote devices. New age cutting technologies such as location tracking apps, fitness apps, home sensing systems, voice assistants, enabled by sensors will be able to transfer data much better with the advent of the 5G network as compared to earlier network capabilities.
  4. Accelerating AI and ML- Enterprises have started to leverage technologies such as AI and ML recently but due to network limitations it was difficult to innovate in this sector. With the combination of advanced networks such as 5G and cloud-based applications, deploying these services will also be easier and innovation can be done in this sector. Cloud computing service providers especially have the computing capability but with 5G it will accelerate furthermore and improve real-time data progression and computation. 5G will provide the necessary level of speed required for AI and ML to function in a seamless manner.
  5. Accelerating Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities- These technologies have been in place in certain industries such as Construction and Healthcare for a while but setting up AR and VR is a highly cumbersome process and requires a lot of network support which is limited due to 4G currently. Hence, the possible rate of growth that the sector can expect to grow is also limited. With the 5G network at our disposal, it will be easier for AI and ML-based apps to work effectively.

Thus as cloud and 5G and their applications evolve, there is a need for innovation and adoption in these areas. Due to huge and complex workloads, cloud computing and 5G combination can create wonders. As 5G technology is not far, once this technology is adopted in various industries it will revolutionize it for good.

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