How Cloud Computing has improved AI over the years

Organisations are driven by data and they are looking to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the future of data management and analytics. In many ways, AI and cloud computing make the perfect combination for innovation that is data driven. AI’s cerebral capabilities and machine learning flourish on large volumes of data, which become accessible and quickly useful in a cloud environment. Businesses that utilize AI in the cloud set themselves up with a huge crucial gain.

In the recent past there are numerous inventions in new emerging technologies such as AI, Deep Learning, AR (Augmented Reality), IoT and Blockchain, some of them are often unnoticed. One such technology that has been an underperformer but has become a common word amongst the technology industry is “Cloud”. Cloud computing has created massive opportunity, for various technology and e-commerce companies. Cloud computing has also been the foundation of PaaS or Platform as a Service – a new B2B service.

Cloud computing has various applications, the question that arises is how it can play a game changing role in AI. According to an Accenture research, 85% of top managerial level experts, CXOs of organisations and tech titans believe that investment in AI related technologies is of utmost importance in the next few years. However, AI is complicated, process-intensive and has multiple requirements to make it resourceful. Here the vitality of the combination of AI and Cloud plays its role. This combination keeps improving each other and the services they offer.

Cloud improves AI in various ways, Cloud-based software and platforms help companies benefit from AI, even if they lack the expertise to build and train systems, or to manage data on their own. According to a Deloitte survey, AI early adopters are taking advantage. Many companies that aren’t using these technologies today plan to do so in the future.
Currently, the public cloud industry alone as of now stands at over $200 billion and is predicted to be worth over $1,250 billion by 2025. With cloud computing, we basically have the present AI abilities, which depend on huge storage of high processing data. The impetus offered by cloud computing is the thing that enables companies to gather, store, process, and disintegrate data in the stunning volumes presently required.

In two different ways Cloud is beneficial to AI: First, given that the data sets these businesses are utilizing would not have been processed if there wasn’t cloud enabled systems. Further, the fact that just the cloud can empower firms to adapt to efficient scale required by giving such data concentrated services to numerous customers at affordable prices. Secondly, one of the greatest barriers keeping AI away from reaching to masses is the lack of individuals inside companies with the aptitudes to program it. This implies while organizations may know how they need to utilize AI for their benefit, they don’t have the methods for building an application or algorithms to create the outcomes they really desire for.

Few new gen start-ups have already established the effective combination of AI and Cloud to flourish in business and their activities. For example, a similar start-up, Veritone has built up an AI operating system, effectively using a cloud-based cognitive computing system which computed huge amounts of datasets from various sources.

It is important that the growth of cloud computing has enabled the AI area to grow, investment in AI is presently driving the cloud business forward. As AI becomes more modern it needs perpetually ground-breaking stages to prosper. The cloud business has been thriving, with cloud investment moving the business higher than ever. Additionally, as cloud turns out to be all the more amazing, access to AI is free and accessible as its range of abilities is expected to execute these services are more reasonable and available.
Cloud computing using AI is not a very big change. it’s a rather transformative one. For some organizations, it has been a flawless integration from existing frameworks, with AI investment gathering pace rapidly. In the couple of years, we can hope to see the business keeps on thriving and growing, with AI driving cloud computing higher than ever, while the cloud business conveys the advantages of AI to the mainstream.

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