How CIOs and CTOs can Impact the Success of Organizations and Shape the Future of Our World through HPC?

Businesses and establishments had been already massive on generation before the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic however the transition was exceptionally slow when it came to business operations. 

Pandemic pressured corporations to transform within by accelerating various ways like virtual and digital upgradation, which has increased the significance of CIOs and CTOs, to steer this transition within the corporations. High Performance Computing (HPC) is now having a deep impact on some of the industries, assisting to clear up complicated problems in technological know-how, engineering, and commercial enterprise. 

Once most effective as a secondary function for establishments and important corporations, HPC has now unfolded into mainstream use beyond information centres, that could provide the infrastructure to host HPC as a provider to corporations that wouldn’t have the ability to then upload critical data on to various deployments governed by HPCs. 

As custodians of the technology industry CTOs and CIOs have a major role to play to augment and shape the Future of the World. HPC technologies were traditionally used for engineering, research and defence sectors. However, now with the availability of a wide variety of solutions in this category and decreasing costs, non-traditional sectors are also showing high interest towards the adoption of HPC to make their business more competitive.

Today, HPC has indeed evolved beyond its traditional framework of marginal utility and now includes a wide range of modern technologies such as storage, inter-linking networks, data management and others. With the aim of combating the high costs involved in deploying HPC solutions, Microsoft has been the front runner in bringing for a cost effective, easy to use and has created an ecosystem for HPC solutions that will allow the core commercial industry and public sector units to reap the benefits of this technology.

Similarly, companies in animation, media and entertainment today have now opened to various opportunities in the markets they serve. The rapid shift from analog reels and physical storage systems to digital creation and the management and distribution of content has created avenues for these industries to adopt HPC for next generation growth. In the media industry specifically, HPC is driving the requirements for faster and in a more efficient manner. The ever-increasing demand for digital content and animation has also triggered the adoption of HPC solutions in this industry. Apart from this, financial services, oil and gas companies and some public sector units dealing with bioinformatics and weather forecasting are also embracing HPC technologies.

CIOs of various industries ranging from IT, manufacturing, consumer and media, should consider it as a useful commodity and standardise its offerings for mass usage for firms looking for HPC solutions. Nowadays, a wide variety of solutions are available in this segment and prices have also gone down. Moving beyond large enterprises, even SMEs can embrace these technologies if their businesses need them. CIOs should prepare a roadmap before going in for HPC solutions. Evaluating such a roadmap and choosing the right partner is very important for any organization.

The adoption of HPC among SMBs in India has already started. HPC is widely used among start-ups and technology led businesses. SMBs, which earlier used to outsource such capability and technological requirements, are now setting up cost effective and reliable cluster computing facilities themselves. This is expected to provide a competitive leverage for them to their peers and will help them help reach out and expand to global markets and service the customer better and avail insights in real-time. Today, cost effectiveness and availability of HPC solutions makes it possible for SMBs to afford such solutions.

Additionally, there are various firms and technology supporters like Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 with standard ISV offerings to ensure that the customers can invest more time on their business requirements rather than troubleshooting IT infrastructure everytime. HPC has started to revolutionize industries, as its adoption increases the solution that it provides will be much more streamlined and varied in nature, suiting to the business requirements.

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