How Big Data will be a Game Changer in Healthcare Industry?

How Big Data will be a Game Changer in Healthcare Industry?

Is Big Data helpful in curing health problems?

“Your Health is more important than your Wealth” everyone is well aware of this saying. If you want to see how big data is helping the world by making it a better place, there would not be any best example than the uses being found for it in healthcare. Big Data is becoming the trends within the technology. Every industry from Healthcare to Retails everyone knows the usefulness of big data.

Big Data is helping every industry to become more systematic and fertile. The Health Sector is thriving at the higher rate and the necessity to manage patient care and innovative medicines have increasing synonymously. With the rise of the new technologies, the major change might take place in the Big Data and Analytics in the Healthcare sector.

Here are the 5 ways where Big Data has changed the Healthcare sector.

Electronic Medical Record or EMR

EMR helps to predict patient’s problem and provide effective care by EMR medical data that can be evaluated with the data analytical approach. An EMR contains both structured and unstructured standard medical data.

Health Tracking

Big Data and Analytics along with the Internet of Things (IoT), is reform the way one can track the various user Vitals and statistics. With the new medical innovation, one can monitor the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, exercise, distance walked, glucose monitors, pulse Oximeters etc. Big Data allows most of the healthcare organization to identify the health issue and provide the care before the issue gets worse.

Fraud Analysis

This data analytics approach helps find and analyze a number of claim requests to reduce the fraud cases.

 Preventing Human Errors

Previously it has seen that the professional tend to write down wrong medicines or dispatch the wrong medicine by mistake. These errors get reduced since Big Data can be leveraged to analyze user data and the prescribed medication. With the support of bid data, it reduces the prescription mistakes and saves lives. It mainly helps those physicians who serve many patients in a day.

Reducing Cost

Predictive analysis can help to resolve the issue by predicting the admission rates and help with staff allocation. This will reduce the Rate of Investment incurred by hospitals and in fact help utilize their investment to the max. Big Data can be a great way to save the cost of Hospital. It can also save the time for patients who have to wait to get admit since the hospital has ample staff beds available as per the analysis all the time.


The most important thing to use big data technologies in the healthcare sector is giving the best treatment with the right care is provided to the patient at the proper time by the best provider; which is very difficult to save a life at the same time this will result in cost and time effective solution.

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