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How Big Data Is Transforming Gaming

As per a few experts, a large networked video game can produce upwards of 50TB of data and billions of events every day

We all know that in the US, gaming industry (includes casinos and game parlours) has been bigger than Hollywood (movies) sine a decade or more now.

What can you do with so much data?

1. Understand gamers social behaviour

2. Creating leaderboards and tracking statistic

3. Know hotspots and predict the duration of play etc.

4. Personalization of gameplay to suit varied player types

5. Integrating data with rewards points and monetization in real time

6. Identify influencers who can make games viral. Etc.

What is Game Telemetry?

All data that is logged in from users playing the game and the data from the game itself responding to players request is logged as raw data also known as telemetry. For example, playtime is a telemetry metric. To get a better insight one should look at data like average playtime per user during weekends- this is called Game Metric

So a game metric has more dimensions due to which regular telemetric transitions from being raw to insightful or actionable.

Fraud detection

With so many people addicted to gaming and so much money at stake, can fraudsters be behind? One of the most plaguing challenges for the gaming industry is game frauds. One of the ways is to find potential fraudulent gamers by way of algorithms that can identify potential fraudsters and then follow their actions over days or weeks.

As gaming, social media and corporate/enterprise processes intersect, multiple opportunities to leverage data at various intersection points will be created. We will need to tread with caution though. In the excitement of analyzing more data, we should not kill the goose that lays golden eggs


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