Empowering Imagination through Virtual Reality

February 28, 2020

Haris is a Certified VR developer and computer graphics enthusiast who realizes the importance of practical demonstration of theoretical knowledge for students. in his talk, Haris pointed out how 75 percent of schools in Pakistan do not have science labs and how the underprivileged do not get the opportunities to perform experiments in real-time which hinders their future. Haris decided that if they cannot reach the laboratories then let’s bring the laboratories to them through a medium of study that has never been possible before that is VR. He is not just talking about introducing the VR facility but also providing it to students at a very low cost. With his expertise in the development of cutting edge VR systems, he is currently working towards the introduction of VR systems and its use in the field of science amongst the underprivileged. He is currently working on fully simulated virtual worlds available at a lower cost but with high scalability. His struggle is against the status quo of institutes not considering it worthwhile to adopt new technology thus he is creating awareness against the primitive methods of rote learning without technical applications. His work is the true demonstration of “Education for Everyone.”

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