Why Are SMBs Adopting To Cloud Services


Today, the cloud is a mainstream part of IT, having been adopted to some degree by nearly 90 percent of businesses. This rapid growth is due largely to the new and unexpected ways in which the cloud has matured over the last few years.

The value proposition of cloud computing has always been clear—easy provisioning, flexible scaling and cost savings. But we’re now seeing apps and workloads that IT never expected would run in the cloud—and they’re often running leaner and faster than ever before.

Say the word “cloud” to an IT professional today, and an entirely different image comes to mind than would have popped up five years ago.

Capital spending restrictions, lack of knowledge, resources & infrastructure in place at many organizations coupled with the growth for the need of these re-sources is creating a gap that needs to be filled. We introduce “Pay-as-you-use model”, a promising solution to fill this gap.

Here is the cloud infographic that covers the growth of enterprise’s adoption of cloud services with stats on the three existing types of cloud: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.


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