What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ?

What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ?

Although most Industrial IoT projects are about automation, optimization and tactical or strategic goals in a mainly internal context – and will continue to be in 2018 and beyond, we’ve seen some really transformational IIoT projects as well. More about the initial goals of many IIoT projects below. For now, back to what the Industrial IoT is.

Industrial IoT as the leverage and reality of IoT in a context of industrial transformation
Industrial IoT in the earlier mentioned sense was mainly used to make a distinction between the use cases, actual usage and specific technologies as leveraged for initially mainly manufacturing and, later, other industries on one hand and enterprise IoT and consumer IoT applications on the other.

This distinction obviously is somewhat artificial and on all levels there are overlaps. The fastest growing categories of IoT use cases, for instance, are cross-industry. Moreover, although some technologies, architectural frameworks and applications across all IoT layers differ (edge computing and fog computing are typical in Industrial IoT, there are different types of network and connectivity tools, IIoT gateways serve other purposes, Industrial IoT platforms support other use cases than IoT platforms overall, digital twins are mainly about industrial markets, the use cases for augmented reality are not the same and so forth) between Industrial IoT and Consumer IoT an average large IIoT project will leverage several forms of connectivity and solutions of which some are used in consumer IoT as well.

Industrial Internet of Things in evolution: from operational efficiency to innovation

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