What Are The Prerequisites For Learning Hadoop & Big Data?

No Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop But You Must Have Basic Knowledge of These Two Subjects-

When we are discussing the prerequisites for Hadoop, we need to understand that Hadoop is a tool and it does not have any strict perquisites or requirements before because of this only it is the most powerful and useful tool in today’s data world. We need to understand why Hadoop is impacting so much because it is not fixed or restricted in a particular domain.

There is no strict prerequisite to start learning Hadoop. However if you do want to become an expert and make an excellent career you should at least have a basic knowledge of JAVA & Linux. Don’t have any knowledge of Java & Linux? No worry. You can still learn Hadoop. The Best way would be to also learn Java & Linux parallel. There is an added advantage of learning java and Linux that we will explain in following points

  • There are some advance feature that are only available in Java API.
  • It will be beneficial to know Java if you want to go deep into Hadoop & want to learn more about the functionality of particular module.
  • Having a solid understanding of Linux Shell will help you understand the HDFS command line. Besides Hadoop was originally built on Linux & it is preferred OS for running Hadoop
  • There is no strict prerequisite to start learning Hadoop.
  • However, if you want to become an expert in Hadoop and make an excellent career, you should have at least basic knowledge of Java and Linux

To completely understand and become proficient in Hadoop there will be some basic requirements to which developer needs to be familiar with .Familiarity with Linux System, it is very important as you will need to setup Hadoop in a Linux based OS, I tried to set it up on windows but failed completely. Read more..

Java: The basic programs that I used were written in Java, you will need to have good command of Java, to be able to get out of messy situations. I think programs can be written in Python also, you may check it out .

Architecture of Hadoop System: Understanding the architecture of Hadoop and behind the scene working of Hadoop is must. It will help you in modeling your solution in a better way.

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