Virtual SAN – Hyper-converged Storage Systems Simplify Enterprise Scale-out Deployment

The pace at which Data Centre technologies are whizzing by, one thing is certain – If you want your Data Centre to evolve, you definitely want to get on board this train and not be just a spectator. Big Data and Virtualization are no longer mere jargons. It’s here, it’s changing rapidly and its capabilities are limitless.
Modern data centre designs and strategies will change under the weight of larger volumes of data, security and cloud computing. Within the next few years, companies will break out of brick and mortar and move data centres to the cloud. Data centres need to be faster, efficient and scalable and therefore business operations need to maintain low IT budgets, which is why server virtualisation will help companies shift gears to open roads.
Tyrone system has a razor-sharp vision when it comes to helping customers build tomorrows data centre today. Apart from having the capability to put together customised servers and storage solutions to meet the customer’s business challenges, and waxing lyrical about how these emerging technologies benefit companies, we are already working with our customers to virtualise their data centres and help them achieve lower TCO, evolve and scale out in the future.
IT operations need to be in harmony. You must maintain efficiency, manage a complex storage infrastructure and reduce TCO. Hyper converged infrastructure from VSAN transforms industry standard x86 servers and direct attached storage into hyper converged infrastructure. This eliminates high IT costs, complexity and performance limitations. The hyper converged infrastructure by VSAN includes vCentre – a unified management solution, vsphere – Hypervisor and VSAN – Enterprise-class storage
VSAN eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional storage. You don’t need to maintain separate arrays, networking hardware and cabling. Storage based policy management removes the burden of provisioning and maintaining several LUN’s, volumes and data services. Policy is built with rules which define characteristics such as availability and performance. These policies can be deployed with precision to various virtual machine. As requirements change, policies can be easily modified with a click of a button and no downtime. This practise reduces Opex and ensures SLA’s are met across the environment. Deduplication ensures data protection and storage efficiency in VSAN. When data is de-staged to the capacity tier, VSAN first duplicates the data then applies compression. This way you achieve storage efficiency without impacting performance. Hybrid VSAN configurations deliver as much as 40K IOPS per host, providing excellent performance for tier 1 applications such as enterprise collaboration, data warehouse and CRM.
VMware’s VSAN on Tyrone appliance lets you evolve with lower TCO and allows you to scale out in future without risks. If you need a hand to steer you ahead, speak to us today to find out how we can help.

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