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The Business Case for Using HPC in the Cloud

Business Case for Using HPC in the Cloud

From enabling us to model and manipulate any product, process or service at will, High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions are today considered an essential component for business success. From protecting the common man from marauding natural disasters or satisfying his taste buds with a perfectly contoured potato wafer, HPC is playing a pivotal role everywhere. By moving to the cloud and being available on demand, HPC has moved from being an expensive endeavor to a cost-effective technology within reach of virtually business enterprise and budget.
Who needs HPC?
It’s true; High-Performance Computing solutions do deliver the tremendous competitive edge in the marketplace. The ability to quickly model, manipulate a product/process and to see the impact of various design decisions even before a physical prototype is built is of immense value to any organization. Take for instance in the development of a new car; designers can use HPC to explore various new designs, optimize the product with numerous design/prototyping iterations, and then validate changes through on-demand simulation to achieve quick results. Use of HPC in this case not only cuts down budgets required for prototyping it also enhances the organization’s ability to bring better quality innovations to market fast and cost efficiently.
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