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The Adoption of the Internet of Things in Healthcare 2019

The Adoption of the Internet of Things in Healthcare 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the reality of upcoming days in the healthcare industry. More and more medical organisations will turn to IoT for getting accurate and timely data about the patient, allowing the doctors to take action in the right direction for fast treatment and run through the processes involved in an efficient manner.


The presence and use of IoT in the healthcare industry will lead to timely identification of health issues and also real-time recognition of dangerous health escalations. The real-time data of the patient will allow the professionals and researchers to collect it, process it and foresee health issues timely for a better cure.


Disease management was supposed to be one of the most tedious processes, as it requires constant monitoring of the patient’s condition. With IoT involvement in healthcare facilities, monitoring patients on a continuous basis is now possible.
Diseases can now be treated based on the real-time data thus making it possible to treat them before they reach an incurable stage.


The IoT supports data integration from medical devices, wearables, and apps. The wearables are so prevalent in the field of medicine as they can transmit information necessary from the patient to a licensed professional for medical aid. The projected market for wearable technology in 2027 is expected to grow by leaps and bounds generating billions.

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