Reaching Greater Heights with Tyrone Edra on Demand

The world is experiencing a large-scale shift in advanced technological needs. In these technologically and economically growing times, it’s essential to cater to the dynamic needs of the many IT industries, provide them with the right solutions and help them scale their businesses. 

What Does the Edge Computing Bring for the Manufacturers?

Before you edge towards the latest technology, you should know how you as a manufacturer can benefit from it! 


Whether it’s Henry Ford’s automobile assembly line or cloud computing, efficiency lies at the center stage for any manufacturer. Edge Computing and 5G are the measures the companies in Industrial Revolution 4.0 find highly functional. 

Most mission-critical applications require smart manufacturing to reduce delays and operational costs simultaneously. The latest Edge Computing expedites the execution process with the end nodes in operation to analyze the data. The low latency and enhanced cybersecurity allow the manufacturing units to speed up their processes.  

That’s why the Edge Computing technology proves to be a work of art for any bandwidth challenge and network latency.


The companies find themselves searching for collaborative systems to reduce time leakages from innovation to delivery. With Edge Computing and 3G Technology, automation takes a massive leap of agility. Since the intermediaries of analysis, control, and maintenance lie with digitization, the latest tech turns out to be a booster for quick interactability.

What is Tyrone EDRA?

Every company undergoes a period of digital transformation, helping them adapt to more reliable and more robust computing solutions, thereby helping them scale their business and service. 

Tyrone’s EDRA, a cloud-based HPC on-demand system, offers high computing solutions to customers, made available on-demand and pay-as-you-use basis. This service can be utilized for a few hours or even months and is accessible anytime. If you’re one of the companies which rely on HPC technologies, you will find the EDRA computing system beneficial and rewarding.

EDRA is a promising model to the rapidly increasing technological needs of the IT Industry, benefitting them from the many advanced solutions of this system. 

In today’s time, High-Performance Computing is in great demand with various industries like Media and Television, Academic, and Commercial. With expanding databases within these industries, there’s been a need for robust computing solutions to manage the same. 

Moving HPC applications to the cloud lessens the risks of under-provisioning and under-utilizing HPC resources. The built-in virtualization support proves beneficial to the customers and their data.

Feature and Benefits of Tyrone EDRA

With almost a decade in the industry, Tyrone is well-versed with the expanding digital and technological needs of numerous industries and strives to create advanced solutions.

Tyrone EDRA offers high-performance computing solutions to pharmaceutical, television, educational industries, etc., and looks promising. Here are some of the key features of Tyrone EDRA:

  • HDD-SATA 1000 GB/Per Node
  • Efficient Rack, Power & Cooling
  • Dedicated Redundant Lease Lines
  • 32 node(4 nodes have 1x Intel Xeon installed) HPC Cluster with 64 x E5-2697v2 Processors with 768 Cores
  • Memory 2048 GB (2.6 GB/Per Core)
  • InfiniBand Interconnect

HPC application users are constantly expanding in medical imaging, financial trading, data warehousing, data security, television and entertainment, and many more. Companies under these industries are moving to cloud-based HPC solutions to avoid financial restraints and yield faster scaling. Tyrone EDRA has benefitted industries in tangible ways:

  • Education & Scientific Research: EDRA is providing solutions in areas of bioinformatics, computational biology, astrophysics, etc. 
  • Financial Services: HPC on-demand precisely is very beneficial to financial industries that require quick analysis on an ad-hoc basis
  • Media & Entertainment: Projects in the media industry require enormous computing power for a shorter duration. EDRA on-demand provides cost-effective solutions to media companies. 
  • Manufacturing & Engineering: HPC on-demand provides efficient product manufacturing and customer service solutions to these industries.
  • Life & Material Sciences: The drug discovery process has improved with the EDRA on-demand system with the help of high-performance computing. 

Benefits to Businesses 

Apart from helping enterprises, EDRA also assists individual customers in utilizing and optimizing data storage solutions, helping small businesses scale their turnover and database. 

Tyrone aims at providing HPC start-up services like testing, consulting, code compilation support, Testbed, data transfer via WAN, and other HPC-related services. These services will be provided for free to expand the market and help more companies move to cloud-based computing solutions. 

It will help small and large businesses switch to a hassle-free and organized computing system. And will provide solutions to all their technical as well as infrastructural needs. Companies can access more services at low prices or even for free. 

Wrapping It Up

The need for high-performance computing is set to expand in India over the next few years. Tyrone aims at helping companies and enterprises find practical and viable solutions, making technology available to small and large enterprises. 

Tyrone EDRA is slowly making its way in the digital world and is here to stay, helping companies change how technology works. Companies quickly adapting to the digital transformation with quick solutions to high-performance computing needs. 

The digital revolution has come a long way and continues to grow and expand with exceptional solution-oriented services!

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