Is Big Data IT’s Secret Weapon for Information Security?









When we talk to IT security pros today about how they manage and protect data, most describe grueling manual processes and makeshift solutions comprised of countless off-the-shelf products and fragile homegrown scripts. Fortunately, most of us understand the importance of using automation to help fight our battles, but the rapidly changing landscape of new technologies, security threats, and paradigm shifts makes it difficult to stay ahead of the curve.  Choosing to specialize in the wrong technology can be career limiting, recommending the wrong technology to your boss can be career ending.

IT teams can mine the vast volumes of data captured by security software and even line of business applications, to spot areas where the business is at risk. The growth of “big data” within companies, and the development of better tools to analyse it, is providing a new way for information security to monitor what is happening on their networks, or to scan customers’ accounts for unusual activity.

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