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Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Powering A New Wave Of Digital Transformation

The Intel Xeon Scalable Processors advance virtually every aspect of the data center platform, including a brand new mesh on-chip interconnect topology, core, cache, on-die interconnects, memory controller and more to support Intel’s global ecosystem for optimal data use across compute, storage, memory, network and security. The enhancement Intel is delivering with the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor represents the biggest advancements in platform capabilities in a decade. Following are the Features included:

  • Innovative Intel® Mesh on-chip interconnect topology: Delivers low latency and high bandwidth among additional cores, memory, and I/O controllers. The Mesh architecture aligns cores, on-chip cache banks, memory controllers, and I/O controllers which are efficiently organized in rows and columns, with wires and switches connecting them at each intersection to allow for turns, resulting in improved performance and greater energy efficiency similar to a well-designed highway system that lets traffic flow at the optimal speed without congestion.
  • Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512): Delivers ultra-wide vector processing capabilities to boost performance for your most demanding computational tasks and enable rapid insights to improve customer engagement and product delivery
  • Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA): High-bandwidth and low-latency fabric that optimizes performance for HPC clusters, and is available as an integrated extension for the Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform. Intel® OPA delivers the performance for today’s high performance computing (HPC) workloads and agility for their rapid evolution with the ability to scale to tens of thousands of nodes to accelerate scientific discovery and tackle the most challenging business problems.
  • Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT): Hardware acceleration for compute-intensive workloads, such as cryptography and data compression, by offloading the functions to a specialized logic engine (integrated into the chipset), freeing the processor to focus on other essential workload operations.
  • Enhanced Intel® Run Sure Technology: As optimized digital services are imperatives for all industries, further extensions to Intel’s world-class RAS (reliability, availability, and serviceability) help organizations achieve ideal operational efficiency business continuity.

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