How to Effectively Connect AI Tech to Your Customer’s Online Experiences

How to Effectively Connect AI Tech to Your Customer’s Online Experiences

Data is vital to differentiation and retention strategies of organisations today.
We are moving into the age where data collection is everywhere and companies aim to be data driven. AI Technologies are interconnected with big data and IoT helping organizations to leverage data to get more insights and deliver personalised experiences for their consumers online. In this article, let’s take a look at how one can use artificial intelligence to enhance the customer’s online experiences.

1. Quickly Resolving Problems with Feedback Data

Employees are the backbone of all organizations but the success of any company depends on its customers. Companies which actively listen to their customers end up succeeding while the others do not. So, the first step for you is to pay closer attention to the reviews of your customers. Most reviews consist of an entire list of positive and negative points. But going through all these reviews can be very time-consuming.
The simple solution here is to use AI to identify patterns in both complaints and compliments. For example, AI tech can be used to place different reviews under ‘tags’. When any of these tags start receiving a lot of negative reviews then the team could take active changes to tackle that issue.

2. Practicing Predictive Problem Resolution by Using Data Sets

No matter the industry you are working in, it is vital for you to reach your customers at the right time. If you delay providing your customers with the solution at the right time then they might end up skipping your services altogether. The best case scenario is by providing instant solutions. And that can be achieved with the help of predictive problem resolution.
AI and predictive technology can be used by the customer service department to identify potential or commonly occurring issues. Analytics can be used to predict the next move of your customers and that can be used as the basis for providing quicker services. For example, if you are having some issues with your debit card then your bank could identify that problem and email you a list of solutions which you can practice without you having to contact the customer service department at all.

3. Offering Influential Personalization

Personalization is the key to success in many industries. Many customers also expect their service providers to provide them with customized services, offers, experiences, and discounts. According to studies, it has also been found that personalization can improve the conversion rate by greatly improving the customer experience. And the only way through which a company can do that is by going through a lot of high-quality consumer data.

AI tech can be used to track the browsing patterns of the customers and use that data for providing the customers with better-personalized experiences. For online retail platforms, companies can also choose to employ an AI sale assistant. This can be incredibly helpful as it has been found that around 40% of products which are recommended by the AI sale assistant are always added to the cart.

4. Focusing on Customer Independence

Gone are the days when the only resort for a customer was to contact the customer care department to solve any issue. These days many online businesses are providing their customers with self-help services which place a lot of control in the hands of the customers. This enhances the overall customer experience because of the simple fact that the customer feels in charge of the situation and has all the tools at his or her disposal which will allow him or her to solve any particular issue.
This is where the AI chatbots comes in as a tool to assist and enhance the customers experience. However, it is important to ensure that these chatbots are fed the right data so it can effectively answer questions customers ask. For example, chatbots experience will be different for the objective where ecommerce platform have to create awareness of new products from an experience where the objective is to address the frequently asked questions of customers. It is also worthwhile to consider using the conversational AI program as it provides customers with an overall intuitive and smoother experience.

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