How Software-Defined Storage (SDS) enables continuity of operations?

Unlike traditional approaches to storage, SDS was designed explicitly to support the diversity, virtualization and self-service that define the modern enterprise data center. Based on hyperscale (or webscale) approaches pioneered by Amazon, Facebook and Google, SDS allows an automated, agile and cost-effective infrastructure to keep pace with the exponential growth of data.

Definitions of SDS vary from vendor to vendor, but Gartner Research captures its essence: “to abstract storage software from the underlying hardware, and to provide a common management platform and data services across an IT infrastructure composed of heterogeneous or homogeneous enterprise storage assets.

Lets understand how Software-Defined Storage (SDS) enables continuity of operations:

Tyrone Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) allows the convergence of physical storage onto industry-standard x86 servers, enabling a building block approach with scale-out capabilities.

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