How Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Workplace

How Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Workplace

Internet of Things (IoT) is here to make a noticeable difference in lives of us all. It’s a transformational technology that can bring in huge changes in a business and to employees working for it. Managers have just begun to spot the new possibilities created by IoT based systems and solutions; from a lighting fixture to an air conditioner. Above all, IoT connected devices generate huge data that provide a base to a business’ cost-saving strategies and automation plans.

Telepresence and virtual meeting

IoT technology can be applied to realize the concept of telepresence. Telepresence robots are being deployed on an experimental basis to let you have a face-to-face meeting with a person, who may be thousands of miles away from a work location. These are self-guided robots, which are created in a way that lets them simulate an in-person meeting or navigate hallways controlled by a remote user. Once a meeting is over, the robot can automatically move to the next scheduled destination or return to its charging station.

Enhanced efficiency and productivity

IoT powered solutions will enable workers and employees to do more in less time. The technology can help people complete large-scale tasks quicker, without making mistakes.

A business owner will be able to follow various operations carried out at the workplace. From controlling and monitoring inventory to managing field service employees, IoT can be connected with tools and devices to have better performance of people and processes at a business. Also, these IoT-enabled tools and devices can be connected to a centralized system, which helps a business has easier control over the workplace and its workflows.

Efficient Energy Usage

By using IoT at the office, businesses can be made more energy efficient. This is possible by smart lighting solutions or automated window shades that help reduce the intensity of light and color. The sensors will recognise the absence inside the room and will automatically turns on or off the lights.

Moreover, by installing energy management systems, one can control the efficiency and consumption in the office.

Climate Comfort

Workers and employees often have issue with setting the right AC temperature in shared offices. There we see lots of disagreements among coworkers. But the issue can intelligently be solved with the blend of IoT.

With an IoT-enabled AC system, it won’t be up to people which temperature setting is more comfortable for them. The AC system will learn from the manual settings provided and persisted for a long period of time and then adapt its functioning to provide comfortable temperature, instead.

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