How Enterprise can use Intelligent Automation to Mitigate Covid induced challenges

Pandemics like the one caused by the coronavirus outbreak unfold over months and they can cause businesses several uncertainties and disruptions. Some organizations experience obstruction in their operations, to the point where their functioning becomes difficult, while others thrive during the outbreak. No matter how grave the situation is, it is always best to make yourself ready to deal with the issues caused by this pandemic, in your organization.
On an operational level, for instance in organizations where staff availability is a must, such as call centres, where callers might have to face long waiting period, the situation may prevent callers from receiving the necessary help. Such organizations might be heavily short-staffed in this situation. Businesses are bound to face unpredictable requests for services and dealing with these spikes can be challenging.
Here are some crucial measures, strategic decisions and approaches that might help mitigate the situation and invest in the future.

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