How DISH Network Enables Network Slicing and Cloud-Native Automation to Rapidly Scale its 5G Network?

DISH Wireless is redefining services for consumers, small businesses and large enterprises by building the nation’s first cloud-native, OpenRAN-based 5G network. As DISH takes the unprecedented step of building a 5G network in the cloud, it has selected Oracle to enable a Service-Based Architecture (SBA) for its 5G core. SBA, part of the 3GPP 5G standard, enables network services to be rapidly incorporated into new applications by DISH or DISH customers through automated, intelligent configuration between network functions.
Lets understand how network enables network slicing and cloud-native automation to rapidly scale its 5g network:

  • DISH Wireless and Cloud technologies will lead the way in deploying network operations in the cloud-native domain, enabling more widespread digital transformation across different sectors.
  • DISH Wireless will use cloud network features such as a PCF, NRF, and NEF.
  • PCF will examine network data analytics and slice information at the same time to give optimum policies that maximise the quality of experience while decreasing network resource use.
  • While the NRF will be the core repository for all network operations in DISH’s 5G network, the NEF will operate as a centralised point for service exposure.
  • This will aid in the authorization of access requests originating outside the DISH network, allowing DISH and its corporate clients to support Cellular IoT, edge computing, and API gateway use cases.
  • DISH will also use Cloud-Native Automation for the 5G SCP, NSSF, SEPP, BSF.
  • DISH is positioning itself to be one of the most flexible and scalable operators in the world by developing its 5G network in the cloud, making it future-proof for whatever new purposes and consumers require of the network.
  • DISH is implementing its best-of-breed network cloud to run at machine speed, speeding our future to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

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