How can HPC Help Accelerate Innovation, Improve Customer Experience, and Drive Operational Efficiency?

Discovery and innovation have always started with greatminds dreaming big. As analytics, high performance computing(HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to converge andevolve, they are fueling the next industrial revolution and thenext quantum leap in human progress. And with the help ofincreasingly powerful technology, you can dream even bigger.
Lets understand how can HPC help accelerate Innovation, improve customer Experience, and drive Operational efficiency:
HPC accelerates Innovation, improves customer experience, and Drives Operational Efficiency with its speed, cost, flexible deployment model, fault tolerance, and total cost of ownership.
1.  Speed- High performance is connected with quick computations. The configuration of an HPC determines its speed. That is, more clusters and cores allow for quicker parallel processing.
2. Cost- HPC is less expensive than supercomputing since it uses fewer clusters. HPCs are also accessible as a cloud computing alternative, which might result in even more savings.
3. Cloud-based or on-premise- HPC can be housed behind a corporate firewall or made accessible as a cloud computing service alternative. The latter has the advantage of the elasticity, which means that computational resources may be scaled up or down as needed.
4. Fault tolerance- If a component of the system fails, the overall HPC system remains operational. Given the compute-intensive nature of HPC workloads, fault tolerance guarantees that calculations continue uninterrupted.
5. Total cost of ownership- Manufacturers are under constant pressure to enhance the ROI of their designs due to competitive pressure. consumers only pay for the number of resources they use.
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