How AI Technology helping Businesses to Succeed even in this Pandemic Situation?

Severe impacts have been witnessed when the nation-wide lockdown was announced due to the pandemic. This has led to the layoffs in organisations, business disruptions and other such. During this crisis, AI and machine learning have been playing a substantial role in various ways such as predicting the end of the epidemic, tracking the rise, researching on the cure and antidotes, among others.

This crisis has not only pushed organisations to shift through a new set of challenges but also forced them to change their business strategies. In one of our articles, we discussed how the unprecedented nature of the health crisis has ripple effects on industries and organisations across the globe.

While the world is in lockdown and organisations are struggling with their business continuity, issues such as disruption in the supply chain, remote working of employees, and the unpredictability of the crisis have created an adverse impact on the organisations regardless of their sizes.

Here is how AI Innovation will play a vital role for businesses in mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic situation.


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