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Embracing big data – the future of healthcare

Embracing big data for the future of healthcare, a radical transformation in the way patients receive treatment.
When you, as a patient, sit in front of a doctor, the doctor does not have access to the right information what treatment works for you. Digitization of the world gives us the opportunity to make healthcare smarter and much much better. With the use of big data Wouter and Willem support doctors in choosing the right medicine for the right person. They radically transformed the way we learn what treatment will help you when you get sick.

Willem Herter studied Theoretical Physics at the University of Amsterdam. During this period, Willem has founded a company in education helping high school students. Furthermore, Willem was a member of the voluntary board of the Dutch Cancer Society and has worked as a data scientist for THNK: School for Creative Leadership.

Wouter Kroese has obtained a bachelor’s degree in Medicine in Utrecht and a master’s degree in Computational Logic at the University of Amsterdam. Wouter has worked at University Medical Center Utrecht and has working experience in management consulting.

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