Digital Twin: Application in the Plant Lifecycle

Digital Twin Application in the Plant Lifecycle

DuPont is a big proponent of the digital twin, wherein all the elements and dynamics of physical plant assets can be replicated in software for process assessment and optimization and operator training.

“Using digital twins throughout the plant lifecycle is an idealized path for DuPont,” said Yuris Fuentes at the Siemens Automation Summit 2018. Fuentes is an engineering consultant in the Process Dynamics, Control, and Analysis Group in DuPont’s Engineering Technology Center. “DuPont has long been a proponent of virtual plant technology, which is why it created its own proprietary dynamic process simulator, known as DuPont™ TMODS. This simulation technology uses chemical engineering principles to simulate real-life operating chemical plants and can connect to an offline DCS for process configuration development, assessment and training.”

DuPont uses Siemens SIMIT simulation software in conjunction with its digital twin technology in three different ways to assess plant lifecycle issues.


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